About RDCom

The RDCom was created by virtue of EO 257 issued on 15 December 2003. It is composed of the NEDA Director-General , as Chair. Its member are the Secretaries of the Deparment of Budget and Management and of the interior and Local Government, RDC Chair or Co-chair each coming from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and four (4) regional development expert from the private sector and academe.

The RDCom performs the following functions:

Formulates and monitors the implementation of policies that reduce regional growth disparities, and promote rational allocation of resources among regions;

Serve as clearing house for key regional development policy/programs proposals which impact on two or more regions;

Formulates and monitor implementation of the framework for regional development of the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan;

Directs the formulaton and review guidelines for the regional allocation of agency budgetary resources;

Periodically reviews the viability of the regional configuration of the country and recommend to the President the redelineation of regions, as may be necessary; and

Periodically reviews the composition, structure and operating mechanism of the Regional Development Councils and recommend to the President changes as may be necessary.